Nigeria resolve bonus row

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and players have reached an agreement over bonuses.

The NFF has agreed with the players to pay $10,000 winning bonus for first round games, $12,500 for second round game, $15,000 for quarter final and $20,000 for semi-final. That will also increase marginally to $25,000 if the team wins the trophy.

The percentage earnings from monies that may accrue to the players from what FIFA gives to the NFF was also put at 30 percent for the group stages, 40 for the second round, 50 for the quarter final, 60 for the semi-final and 70 percent for the final.

The NFF have also expressed their disappointment in the continued media reports about the bonus row.

NFF Technical Committee Chairman, Chris Green who is in Curitiba along with other officials of the Federation, said: "When the Senate President, Dr David Mark came here to meet with us and the players, he was totally convinced at our sincerity with the players and what we have on board as the team progresses but some people are just hell bent on ensuring that they raise issues that don’t even exist."

He further explained that "when we unveiled this before the President of the Senate who represented President Goodluck Jonathan, he was full of praises for us and promised that he will add a special bonus from government to the players and promised further surprises if the team goes far in the tourney."


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