Things I'm musing about........

I hear voices. I really do. Not the kind that tell you to jump off a cliff or about aliens living among us. The voices and I argue mostly about different sports. They are very opinionated. So am I.

These are some of the things we  argued and mused  about this week.....

Oh City... how do you solve a problem like Man City in Europe? They are on the verge of crashing out of the Champions League in the group stage! They have not won a game yet! They are beyond bad in Europe!

Why is that whenever they get to the Champions League most of their stars turn into flops? They just implode! They struggle and look ordinary. City are the EPL champions with top stars like Aguero and Toure and a top manager and yet they can't make it work.

They have to defeat Bayern and Roma to qualify and I don't see that happening. Even my voices agree.

Its all quite on the Nigeria football federation front. Is it the calm before another storm? Is the war and drama over?  Can we breath a sigh of relief? Keshi is still the super eagles coach  right and  we are all okay with the new NFF chairman? FIFA  will not be threatening us in the near future?  All is well....till we don't qualify for the Nations Cup or the next election.

I am a Liverpool fan and supporter. I even  argue with my voices in a scouser's accent. This season I am going to be a fan and supporter with common sense. I will jump for joy with a top four place and be glad if we finished top six.

I am not expecting any miracle or magic. Rodgers messed up the transfers in my opinion and we are not playing like we want to win any trophy. I just pray for our defence and Balotelli every night. We should have won the league last season!

I love when football fans get hysterical. and none are better at this than Arsenal fans, They make the loudest noise on social media. Their players are so hyped up you'd think Messi plays for them. The minute something goes wrong they make a drastic u turn. I imagine some of them get naked in front of their TVs after every unexpected loss or draw and scream.

Then the Wenger must go slogans come and they all start retweeting Piers Morgan. It's like they take it too personally. A sense of entitlement. We all love our football clubs you know.

Forget Raul. Forget his champions league goals record. Messi has equalled it and Ronaldo is only one goal away. The real question now is who will break it and how far can these two modern greats extend it. This is going to take the rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi to a different level. It will spice up the Champions League, and add a little bit of extra drama to a competition Sir Alex Ferguson says is better than the World Cup.
You'd think football's governing body would set a good example about rehabilitation and taking your punishment on the chin. No they did not with Luis Suarez. FIFA  were very spiteful and petty in not including Suarez in the Ballon D'or.

Ronaldo was the only player better than Suarez last season. He behaved badly at the World Cup and paid the price. Why punish him again by not giving him his dues? The Ballon D'or is for good football not best behaviour.

And my voices agree with me.

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