Retirements, eulogies and Terry


John Terry has taken so much stick for going up to collect the Europa League trophy with Frank Lampard and I think it’s really unfair. I blame the media for leading the witch hunt. They’ve got it in for him because he’s John Terry and a soft target.

I think he was perfectly entitled to do what he did this year. After all, he played in the preceding rounds and it was not his fault that he was injured.

There have been many occasions in the past when players have played in finals half fit to try and win a medal because the rules for awarding medals at the time were different. Sometimes it’s been a gamble that has not paid off like in the World Cup in 1954.

These days Terry doesn’t have to gamble like that when injured so who is to blame him for grabbing his share of the limelight. Rest assured those Blues fans who love him won’t care so why should we, even if the change from suit to kit seems fairly ridiculous but you can blame UEFA rules for that.

Last year was different. He was suspended and a suspension is meant to be a punishment for misdemeanours. Why should he get the reward of a medal and being in the post match pictures.

Cry not Becks!

It was really emotional to watch David Beckham break down after playing his last match. It showed how much Becks loves football.

I know a lot of people see Beckham the fashionista and have forgotten what a wonderful and strong player he was.

 You don’t get decorated and win many trophies and titles in over 5 countries by being average. David Beckham was more than a pretty face footballer, he was an enigma. See you round the corner golden balls.

No tears for Owen.

Imagine if Michael Owen played for Liverpool until the end of his career. Imagine the love and send off he could have gotten when he retired? It was a shame to see the below average send off he got from Soke.

You can’t blame them; he was never really one of their own.

Retirement and eulogy

I think Sir Alex must now have a clear picture of how his obituary will be written and what type of eulogies he will get.

Since he announced his retirement, the outpouring of love and how great and wonderful he is has been overwhelming. Few people really talked about his dark side: the vengeful, grudge holding and sometimes petty part.

Casting out an old ghost

I hear that David Moyes is a man of strong faith. A Christian who takes his religion seriously. Good for him. I also hope he believes in exorcism. He might have to perform one to get rid of Sir Alex Ferguson’s ghost from Old Trafford.

Evil thought of the day

What if Mourinho announces that he is coming back to the English premiership. And then signs for Manchester city. What if……

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