Balotelli, NFF fire insurance and Malky Mackay

Yep, he's on the way back. Will Super Mario be Liverpool's Cantona?

Those who say he is nowhere as good as Saint Luis will have to eat their hats or at least take a bite out of them if inspires the Reds to a longed-for title.

At £28 milion he wasn't worth it, but where alse can you get such value for £16 million. He'll sell shirts and will have some resell value if it all goes pear shaped.

Actually it will all blow up. The only question is when. Taking on Balotelli is like a woman trying to tame a bad boy. We all think we will be the one until it blows up in our face. At least Suarez only had problems with the opposition.


The only thing surprising about the fire at the Nigeria Football Federation is that it hasn't happened before.

I mean why hasn't some bright spark come up with the idea to destroy all the records publicly to cover up wrongdoing? It's the perfect insurance to make sure all your misdemeanours are covered up.

The top of Nigeria football has long been a money pit with little accountability where FIFA regulations give an almost cast iron indemnity to loot the treasury for four years with little accountability.

No one should hold out any hope that upcoming elections will result in anything other than more of the same. The only way to change Nigeria football is to reform the electoral college which would give a chance for honest men to put honest men in office and hold them accountable. That won't happen until turkeys vote for Christmas.

Malky Mackay

It's impossible to ignore the Cardiff Mackay Moody mess that is rocking British football. There is open talk of a racist culture at Cardiff under Mackay.

I'm not going out on much of a limb when I say that to have such a person in football is totally indefensible and it beggars belief that he gets support from the likes of the League Managers’ Association and Harry Redknapp.

The LMA have back-tracked from their released statement suggesting that racist comments should be called “banter”. Quite right too. Apart from my dislike of that catch-all word, Mackay was offensive and bigoted.

At a time when black managers struggle to find work in English dug-outs, and many fear the presence of a glass ceiling, the lack of support from their own trade organisation must be disturbing and distressing. The likes of Leroy Rosenior and Jason Roberts have already told us what they think.

Harry Redknapp should know better than get involved. Rent-a- quote has come out to tell us how he doesn't condone what Mackay has said but he's a fine man and good manager. Well he isn't in my book. It's very wearying seeing the old brigade sticking up for each other. This is a different world and dinosaurs like Redknapp should be extinct.

You wonder how Mackay will get back in the game. When racist statements have been made before by the likes of Luis Aragones then manager of Spain it's fair to say they've gotten away with it. Not so in England. Ron Atkinson, Richard Keys and Andy Gray have all found the way back long, hard and sometimes impossible after making disciminatory statements.

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