How do you solve a problem like Suarez?

 It was Super Sunday. We were, of course, expecting drama and fireworks. The fixtures were interesting. Spurs v Man City at White Hart lane. Liverpool hosting Chelsea at Anfield. This season it’s been a top six with only two points separating third and fifth in the table.  Champion’s League places wouldn’t be decided, but a crucial advantage could be gained.

No one in their right mind would have thought we’d be talking about a player and his biting habit post match.

The many sins of Suarez is becoming embarrassing and really annoying. I am not even going to ask why he decided to bite Ivanovic.

I’m a Liverpool fan. I believe my club is bigger than any player or manager. Players and managers come and go; Anfield will remain the same. I’m just wondering if Suarez is too much of a liability.

Do I think Suarez is talented? Yes. Very.  Liverpool loyally and foolishly stood by him during his racist issue with Evra. He’s also been accused of diving and other ungentle manly behaviour since.

It’s like Suarez will not learn. Considering the fact that this is not his first biting incident he behaves like a man with nothing to lose. Until this latest indiscretion he was the Premiership top scorer and there is still a chance he will end up the Players Association player of the year!
Does Suarez have a self destructive attitude? Is he bipolar? Does he need anger management classes? Does he even know if he is doing something wrong? I really want to be in the Suarez head.

Some have asked whether he is worth all the trouble for Liverpool? It is hard to get a 30 goal a season striker when you are not in the Champions League so at the moment yes. Who would want him after this? Everyone!! Are we over analysing this? Perhaps. Jermaine Defoe did the same and although he was booked which took away from the FA’s ability to punish him further, there were definitely not these headlines surrounding him.

What is the difference between the a player who smashes his elbow in the face of another player, or one who stamps, kicks and pushes other players? Is biting all that different or are we making all this noise because it’s Suarez?

Would we have laughed it off if it was someone like Rooney, bearing in mind he has a reputation too? Should the FA have really charged him with violent conduct instead of just giving him the three match ban that is standard punishment?  Did the FA bow to public outcry? And why is Prime Minster giving a statement about Suarez? Has he not got enough on his plate?

I’m happy with the way the club has dealt with the situation and I don’t think he should be sold. Something just tells me this will not be his last incident. I hope if he misbehaves again, he is left to work alone.

Don’t do it José
I really hope all this rumour about José Mourinho coming to Chelsea is rubbish. I don’t think he should go back to Stamford Bridge.  I know Chelsea fans are still stuck with their fairy tale memories concerning Mourinho.

To most of them he is the saviour, the messiah and second coming (or would this be third?). I think Mourinho will be making a mistake by coming back to the premiership to manage Chelsea. The fans might feel that they need him, but it’s still the same unpredictable owner.

No, I take that back.  The owner is not unpredictable. We all know him by now. It will be embarrassing for Mourinho if he is sacked a second time. And he will be. Roman Abromovich is very rich.

Not just rich, the dude has got ’I don’t give a damn’ wealth and I think an ego to go with it. It will not change because it’s Roman’s way or the highway. And it might not be pleasant a second time for José.

I think José Mourinho should just stay in Madrid or go to PSG while he waits for Sir Alex to pass him the baton to manage Man Utd, after all we know that his the job he really wants.

Going back to Stamford Bridge is like going back to a boyfriend who is a serial cheater. He will never change.



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