A red too far?

Over 200m people all over the world saw the champion’s league quarter final match between Man United and Real Madrid.

It had the ingredients of drama written all over it. And drama we did get.

The drama started about an hour before the match when the starting line-up was released. Rooney was on the bench!

Social media went mad. Rooney on the bench? Why? What does this mean? Has he fallen out of with Sir Alex? Can Welbeck keep up? If Madrid were fielding their best, why couldn’t Utd do the same? Some people even went as far as to say that Messi and Ronaldo would never be on the bench for an important match like this.

Well…. In my own opinion, Rooney is no Messi or Ronaldo; he is not even an Ibrahimovich!

Don’t get me wrong Rooney is a fantastic player and interesting to watch when he is in his element. I think he is an important player for Utd and still relevant. And from the way Welbeck played it was clear Sir Alex really did understand what he was doing.

The first half of the match went so fast and uneventful that I thought it might just end as a draw. If only I knew! It started with a Madrid own goal, Nani was sent off; Madrid capitalised and score twice to qualify for the next round.

All hell broke lose! Im of the school that Nani’s tackle should have been a yellow not a red, but Utd should blame themselves for not regrouping and take command of the match. Send-offs can sometimes be of the game. You just have to deal with it. And to be fair on Madrid they score the three goals of the match.

Will the real José please stand up…

The best team lost! Really?! Really Mourinho?

I mean the José I love and a lot of people love to hate does not eat humble pie. I really do not understand where that statement came from. He must really want the Utd job.

Is it also fair to say that Roy Keane just threw his Man Utd legend status in the dish washer? Supporting the ref’s decision instead of standing by Utd. How dare he!

I was really looking forward to Ferguson’s interview after the match and was very disappointed he did not speak to the media. I reckon UEFA should have had to ban him for a year. I wish I was a fly on the wall in the Manchester Utd dressing room.

About three weeks ago former Leeds midfielder and USA international Robbie Rogers retired from football at 25 and also announced that he is gay. I’m sure the fact that Rogers retired at 25 yrs is not shocking, it's the fact that he is gay that is the major news.

There has been lots of talk about why gay footballers are not out of the closet and how there would be massive support for them if they did come out.

Let me put it this way, I’m not sure the world is really ready for an active gay professional footballer. Imagine the horror this footballer will face. Sports people can be over passionate and say the nastiest things as banter during games. Come on! How long has football been fighting racism? Many years.

Yet racism still rear its ugly head a lot of time. Gay advocates want a brave solider to come out as an example. That will be very difficult. It will be more of a sacrificial lamb. I think people should be allowed to live their lives and who they are without prejudice.

The truth is people are mean. Very mean. Imagine the abuse and insults this player will go through. . If I have a friend who is a professional footballer, is gay and thinking about coming out, I’d say stay in the closet and lock it. Lock it tight. Not even in this age of social media bullying and insults. The insults will go beyond the field.


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