World cup qualifiers, friendlies and what I know!

Ronaldo is king - yes he is king. And this is a fact and also a jab to the Messi obsessed Klan. A complete player is the one who singlehandedly change games, carry his team and score important goals. We got all that when Ronaldo qualified Portugal for the world cup.

I know people will compare him to Messi for the rest of his career, but if I’m a coach I’d buy Ronaldo over Messi.

He is stronger, quicker on his feet and faster, incredible in the air, and rarely gets injured. It’s annoying how he does not get the accolade and respect he deserves.

Ronaldo is a genius who scores like a god and should be mentioned in the same breath as Pele and Maradona!

Zlatan is a genius as well - don’t get it twisted, he might be missing the World Cup, Ibrahimovic is still a damn good footballer. He is not Messi or Ronaldo, but you can’t take away his brilliance.

He nearly changed the game against Portugal if not for almighty Ronaldo. Saying the world cup will not be the same without him is just a sign of his awesomeness. He really believes his own hype. Shame he will be watching the world cup with the rest of us on tv.

It’s not over till its over. Just ask France. Even French supporters wrote them off.

England losing to Chile and Germany might be good for the players. It will lower expectations and keep the over the top hype English press and fans are notorious for.

Good games triumphs over patriotism any day. When the fire workers started in the Sweden versus Portugal match a lot of English fans and even journalists that I know on social media started updating status and tweeting about the match. . Guess a lot of people switched over from the yawn fest England - Germany. After all it was the Zlatan Ronaldo show.

I am sure people that went to Wembley are still kicking themselves for missing such a game.

Stephen Okechuku Keshi is a genius. Why he is not on the list of world best coaches is just baffling. And to the hungry, greedy and unpatriotic football administrator(s) who will even dare suggest a foreign coach, I hope all your worst nightmares come true.

@wunmi Thomas

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