If the world ended today.......

If you own a blackberry, you’ll most definitely understand what I mean by confirmed and unconfirmed rumours.

I get a lot of broadcasts every day from my fellow BBers. Some are crazy, breaking news, others unbelievable rumours and some just funny beyond words. I started getting messages about the world coming to an end around late November.

My first instinct was to ignore the messages. I mean Mandela has died like five times on my blackberry. So has Ronaldinho at least once, but when the few sane people I know started sending the same messages, that’s when I took notice.

I asked a friend what she means by “the world will end on 12/12/12”. She replied that it is believed that the world will end on that particular day, but she couldn't give a reason why.

So I asked google. That’s when I read that it was a belief by the Mayans that the world will come to an end on this particular day. I did not believe this for a minute and laughed it off. As the day got closer and closer I got more erratic and crazy messages from Twitter, Facebook, Whatsup and Blackberry about how to prepare for the end of the world.

I knew without any doubt that the world was not coming to an end. Hell no! Still, what if the world really did end on this day? As a sports lover it got me thinking about what I would miss....

A Ronaldo melt down. You know that’s coming. If there is a guy I feel so sad for right now its Christiano Ronaldo. He is a genius. The best. At the height of his career. Playing for the club of his dreams. The problem is there is somebody even better than him. Some guy called Messi. You must have heard of him. Messi is so good, he’s taken the shine off Ronaldo and his feats. He is such a joy to watch!! Mesmerising! It’s just a shame (for Ronaldo) that Ronaldo is playing during the time of Messi, and they play for rival clubs in Spain.

I think one day soon, Ronaldo is going to lose it. Really have a freaking public meltdown and scream at some nosy reporter "damn right I am better than Messi!" God please when this happens I want to watch it live! I can feel it coming. I’m so looking forward to it.

It might go like this. Ronaldo foaming at the mouth and screaming right at the camera. Mourinho trying to calm him down. If I’m really lucky Ronny will moon at the camera. I’d pay to watch that.

Next up Maradona becomes Chelsea coach. This may sound crazy, but if you follow the way Chelsea or should I say Abramovich sacks and changes coaches, you will know that its only a matter of time before they run out of credible coaches willing to come down to Stamford Bridge.

Then the real special one, the almighty Diego Maradona will come in to the picture. I can so see this happening. Somebody will suggest him, after all he coached Argentina to the World Cup.(rolling eyes). After barely finishing in the top four, I can see Roman showing real emotion for the first time by running the to the field, gripping Maradona by the neck and cursing him in Russian. Then Maradona will try and strangle him with his gigantic rosary. Bless!

Things then move to the next phase with Abramovich coaching Chelsea. The best person to coach Chelsea is the owner himself. The way Roman changes managers, he must know something they don't know. After the Maradona melt down it’s only fair he proves to the world that he can do better. Ps I hope he moves their training camp to Siberia!

How about Balotelli moving to China? How do you solve a problem like Mario? Sell him far and far away. I think Balotelli will be playing football in China soon if he continues displaying erratic behaviour. We’ve seen happy Mario, the crazy, funny, moody, sulky and genius Mario. A leopard can’t change its spots so how long will Milan put up with him? Will another top sane club want him? How long before some rich club in the Far East beckons and he takes the offer because no decent club wants him.

Twitter meltdowns. Where do you start? Thank God for social media! Sports personalities can’t be just be seen and not heard! Ashley Cole! Rio Ferdinand! And our own Osaze Odemwingie! Sports stars have been ridiculed, fined, and have had their sanity questioned after having itchy finger and tweeting without thinking!

The amazing part of it all is that many still tweet without thinking! Many will still have major twitter and instagram breakdowns. You know Joey Barton is just one tweet away from another twitter show down! And I’m certain the English FA will not be the last people to be called a twat by Ashley Cole!

An African country winning the World Cup. This must happen before the world comes to an end. And I hope it happens soon, I also hope the African country will be Nigeria!

Liverpool winning the English Premiership- As a Liverpool fan, I’m so looking forward to this day. Tired of all this "new money" clubs elbowing my darling club to the curb. (I’m not mentioning names Chelsea and Man City) The only credible and worthy opponent of Liverpool should really be Man UTD.

I know this current crop of average players(minus Gerrard,Sterling and Suarez) don"t have what it takes to win the EPL, but I hope some day soon, Maybe a ‘I don't know what to do with my oil money’ Arab will come and buy my club and inject lots of money to entice hungry and greedy talented players to Anfield. I can always dream, after all 'we never walk alone."
Arsenal back to winning ways. I don't know if this will happen in my lifetime, but to stop gooners moaning on my timeline all the time, it’s tine Arsenal to win something.... anything!

And how could the world have ended on the 12/12/12,and I missed Lance Armstrong calling himself an arrogant pr**k and a bully while trying to look human and humble in from of Oprah!

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