Five things I learnt from the Premiership this weekend

Here are the five things I learnt from the 12th round of games in England.

1.   City are vulnerable. On paper and with Chelsea temporarily out of service, City should win the league. Yet after watching them  against bottom of the league Aston Villa it is clear their defence is weak, and they can sometimes struggle to score.

The question is who will push them?  Who can give Manchester City a run for their money?  Who will be the Rosberg to their Hamilton? The Real Madrid to their Barcelona? The Ronaldo to their Messi? Will City with their cracks and sometime vulnerability win the league regardless?

2.  Arsenal. This could be the season! The season for Arsenal to win the league again after 11 years. With Chelsea out of the race and Liverpool, Spurs and Manchester Utd not seriously contending, it might be time for Wenger to really prove he is not a master of failure.

They had the chance of going top of the league on Sunday , but they bottled it. Watching them struggle against Spurs shows they need to bring more to win the league. Yes they had injuries but that is expected sometimes during the season.

If they don't buckle up, believe and go all out with all the advantages surrounding them this season, they might not be in the position to have just a rival stopping them from winning the league. It is now or wait more years!

3.    It's not me it's you. Come the January transfer window and summer, Liverpool need as a matter of urgency get rid of some players. The club now have a world class coach and it's time for world class players. Enough of the embarrassing defeats. Liverpool should not be losing to Crystal Palace home and away. Anfield should not be a place  of ridicule. Enough!

4.  No matter how much they spend the great times have gone for United. The glory glory days of Fergie are over! Never to be seen again. Manchester United fans need to accept this. Move on and create new memories. It does not mean they will not win trophies again. They will. Not just with the same consistency and dominance they did under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Moyes was practically chased out less than a season. Rightfully so, I did not think he was the right man for the job. I think LVG is good for Utd and could eventually start winning for them.

I am tired of United fans moaning during every match. Their club is rebuilding. The class of 92, Eric Catona amd Ronaldo are good memories. Cherish them and move on. Let go of the ghost of Fergie and allow a new dawn.
5.    Stamford Bridge is burning down! And you can't blame only Mourinho for it. Watching Chelsea for me is now painful. From winning the title in May to two positions from the relegation zone. Mourinho is walking in a nightmare.

I know when a team is doing badly we rightly point to the manager in this case I think the players have questions to answer.

Why are they not showing up? How can they justify their salaries with such lacklustre form. Do they not feel they owe the fans who pay a lot in this economy to watch them play and cheer them on?

I know lots of people blame Jose's attitude and behaviour for Chelsea's current bad run. You have to remember that this behaviour is nothing new. He rants and throws tantrums and still wins. That is why I think the players should carry the can as much as Jose. They need to start showing up and winning games!

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