Where are our damned statistics?

In a world where football statistics are poured over in the smallest of details, the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) is fast becoming stuck in the slow lane. Mudashiru Shittu puts the case for breaking through the information impasse.

Stoppages… who scored ..... what time did he scored ..... who made the assist....was it a postponed game ... was is it a straight red.... what time, week, month did the match take place? I challenge anyone to find these details.

The lack of quality information means that fans and media alike watch and cover games in something akin to a vapour where end fresulsts cannot be recollected asn therev is little nformation sharing among clubs and their data collectors to the geneneral public.

The league adminstrators have a role to play in ensuring that the clubs give adequate and appropriate information concerning the clubs and their team to the general public for the benefit and growth of the game. If clubs and the league adminstrators continue to keep this information all to themselves, there is a chance that they will miss out on the opportunity to advance the game as a whole, and potentially revolutionize the way that business is done.

Statistics and information like this is about not just the present, but the past and future so the NPL has the historical perspective it deserves.


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