Giwa claim is so futile and annoying

You know when you go to a wedding and the minister asks if there is any just cause why the bride and groom should not be married they should speak or forever hold their peace?

That's where Nigerian football is with Chris Giwa and his tiresome claim to the top job in Nigerian football that has now dragged on for four years.

I think I've twigged what he's up to though.

Giwa keeps popping up like an annoying spurned suitor rather than the Dustin Hoffman character in the 1967 Oscar winning film The Graduate.

FIFA have made it very clear that a continuation of the current occupation of the NFF offices by Chris Giwa will lead to Nigeria being banned by FIFA.

You have to ask what is the point of the current claim. FIFA will only recognise a board elected in a proper manner and as far as they are concerned that is the Pinnick-led board who have a term lasting until August 2018.

The pattern of these crisis has become too familiar. The Abdullahi Sani Lulu Board was sacked after the World Cup in 2010, the Maigari Board suffered the same fate in 2014, and now there is the attempt to sack the Pinnick Board just before the end of the 2018 World Cup.

One also needs to look at the role of Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Solomon Dalung, the man in the red beret who has had a strained relationship with the Pinnick board and seems far from impartial. No doubt he will say as a minister of the government he is just following the judgements of the Supreme Court.

The current impasse can only lead to the banning of Nigeria so what is Giwa's point? What's he really up to?Here's what I think. He can't get what he wants unless he is elected by the electorate as it stands. There is an election by that body next month so you'd think he'd wait until then and run.

Unless Giwa knows that won't work and hopes that his present course will lead to manipulation of the electorate body in one form or another that will lead to what he believes to be a FIFA recognised body.

Such a hope is unlikely and meanwhile the unnecessary current crisis will have great ramifications for the  qualification matches for next year’s tournament of African Cup of Nations (AFCON). Instead of mapping out strategies that would enable the national team to qualify for the football event, which Nigeria missed in the last two editions, the country is currently enmeshed in this contrived crisis.

It should be remembered that the next edition of the World Cup in Qatar is only four years away. Countries like England that take the game seriously have started planning for it. 

Another NFF crisis, at this point in time, is certainly not the way to go.


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