Time for Jose to show how special he is

One Sunday headline called him the clueless one. Harsh headlines as the worst start in 44 years for Chelsea is laid at the door of their charismatic manager.

Jose Mourinho has already begun to ramp up the ante in the media, but there is a truism: When Mourinho doesn't get what he wants he tends to leave.

It's happened before at Chelsea and virtually every other club he's been at.

You can also put a time on it - somewhere between the end of the second and third season.

That's just where we are now. Time for Mourinho to show how special he really is.

No more spats with fellow managers and medical staff, and instead haul Chelsea out of their current malaise.

The seeds for the current crisis look to have been sown even as Chelsea celebrated last season's title.

Apparently Mourinho told the board who he would like to sign by 21 April, but the club failed to move on the targets.

Now Mourinho has voiced frustration more progress had not been made to secure those pinpointed on his list of summer transfer targets, though his immediate task remains to reinvigorate members of his current squad.

Asked whether his team retained the appetite to defend their title, the Portuguese said: “If that is the point, it is very, very sad because, for me, I feel the opposite. When I win, I want to win again. My medal is at home, in a drawer, [because] I feel fantastic motivation for more. If you win it once and the next [year] you are not on fire, not ready at least to fight for more, that is sad.

“City reacted to the fact they had lost the title by buying fantastic players. They are buying more until the end of the market. This is their job and, if they have the economic potential to do that, good. They did well. You see my players on the pitch and you could clearly identify two or three who can do better. It is not a question of loyalty: [my job] is to analyse if they are ready to give an answer and fight against that bad individual form.”

On Eden Hazard, the Footballer of the Year who endured another ineffective afternoon against Palace, he added: “If you are the best player in the Premier League it should be a good responsibility to have a similar season than in the previous season. I don’t want to analyse individual performances. In general terms, it is difficult to have a consistent performance when some of the players are not performing at a good level. When you have six or seven performing and three or four who are not an acceptable level, it is hard for a team to be consistent in the performance.

“I don’t know [why this is happening]. I don’t have an answer for everything. You have players who have fantastic seasons and fantastic moments and, the next season, do not have the same. I don’t want to speak about names from other teams, but I can perfectly tell you fantastic players who had bad years last season.

“Will I accept this, cross my arms, sit in a nice chair and wait calmly for the performance level to be back? No. I have to work, react, analyse and, if I feel the players are not in conditions to react and give more, I have to make changes. I have never had a problem with that.”

He won't want to get blamed if Chelsea don't either retain their title or win the Champions League. Instead he would prefer to blame other people

Jose Mourinho has no plans to spend big in the final few days of the transfer window in a bid to end champions Chelsea's early season English Premier League malaise.

History shows he can become very fractious when he does not get what he wants

He has a core of players he trusts and needs to increase that core

Chelsea's shock 2-1 loss at home to Crystal Palace on Saturday left Mourinho's men a significant eight points behind leaders Manchester City just four games into the current campaign. Those four league matches have now yielded two defeats, including a 3-0 reverse at City, compared to just three losses in the whole of last season's league programme.

Asked whether he would be splashing the cash on Everton's John Stones and Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, two big-money targets both linked to Chelsea, Mourinho said: "I hope not. I don't like that. I gave my club the report of the season projection on April 24," the Chelsea manager explained. "I don't think it's now, on the 29th or 30th August to say 'I want this and that or I want to try this and that'. We have to gel.

"The reality is that we have had a bad start," Portuguese boss Mourinho added. "Four points is a very bad start. To perform collectively you need individual performances. The amount of chances means you are playing, means you are producing something. It's not enough."

Chelsea were left reeling as fellow London club Palace secured their first win at Stamford Bridge since 1982 and inflicted just Mourinho's second defeat in 100 home league matches as the Blues' manager. Bacary Sako opened the scoring in the second half before substitute Radamel Falcao looked to have earned Chelsea at least a point when he headed home.

Mourinho ordered his players to stop celebrating and to try and win the game. But within two minutes, Joel Ward struck to win the match for the visitors.

Nevertheless, Mourinho said there was plenty of time for his side to re-ignite their title challenge. "We have eight points less than the leader and seven, six ,and five from the others. In another league I would say 'game over'.

"In the Premier League I don't say 'game over' because last season we have seven points to the second team and in one month we lost the seven points. On 1 January we were on the same points as the second (team). This is the Premier League and I think it's getting more difficult."

Too right Jose. Are you in it for the long haul?

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