Confederations Cup timetable

The Confederations Cup this year promises to be one of the most competitive of tournaments. Here's the line-up of games over the next two weeks.

Group A

Brazil v Japan (15 June, Brasilia, 20:00)
Mexico v Italy (16 June, Rio de Janeiro, 20:00)
Brazil v Mexico (19 June, Fortaleza, 20:00)
Italy v Japan (19 June, Recife, 23:00)
Japan v Mexico ( 22 June, Salvador, 20:00)
Italy v Brazil (22 June, Belo Horizonte, 20:00)

Group B

Spain v Uruguay (16 June, Recife, 23:00)
Tahiti v Nigeria (17 June, Belo Horizonte, 20:00)
Spain v Tahiti (20 June, Rio de Janeiro, 17:00)
Nigeria v Uruguay (20 June, Salvador, 23:00)
Nigeria v Spain (23 June, Fortaleza, 20:00)
Uruguay v Tahiti (23 June, Recife, 20:00)


Winner Group A v runner-up Group B (26 June, Belo Horizonte, 20:00)
Winner Group B v runner-up Group A (27 June, Fortaleza, 20:00

Third place play-off

30 June, Salvador, 17:00


30 June, Rio de Janeiro, 23:00

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